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Technology has been a part of every aspect of your professional as well as personal lives. In the current scenario, social media is one of the biggest recipients of the influence.

Social media is one of the effective medium for any business to grow. In this article we will be discussing about some of the best technologies changing social media for the better.

Social media in real time – The Digital Age

Listed below are the 4 technology in social media.

AI Targeted Marketing

AI is dominant when it comes to marketing sector. It permits you to develop an advertisement for your specific audience, you will have to pay set upon your budget for your ad to reach the people who are most likely to engage with your ad promotion. It also plays an important role when it comes to marketing automation. Each platform has a personalized algorithm, all thanks to AI technologies has it helps to put the content in a way they believe their users will like the most. Overall, AI is making marketing efforts much more effective and is also reducing the amount of time that you were earlier bound to spend on each platform.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is titled to be one of the most effective social media strategies specifically on Instagram. It lets you to connect with over hundreds and thousands of people (followers) across the globe. Currently influencer marketing campaigns are now taking over advertising. Those who are successful in navigating influencer marketing campaign tends to find the reach to be much more successful than the other geo targeted ads.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is linked with the future of the social media. With the use AR tools, you can significantly increase the engagement with the use of filters and lenses. Also, you can turn yourself into a 3D bitmoji and share it with your friends. Augmented Reality is predicted to witness a rapid growth such as virtual stores, AR videos and more.

Communication mediums

Communication has always been a major aspect for one to grow and with social media, communication has been lot easier and faster. Social media communication is known for creating a sense of urgency and it is a basic need to share as it helps both, the brands as well as consumers make a difference.

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