5 Disadvantages of Technology in Educational Environment

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Albert Einstein said “We are living in the world where technology almost surpassed humanity”. The importance of technology is worthless to mention now, the world evolves around technology and it has also made its mark in the educational environment for good. However, every good thing comes with certain drawbacks and the same goes for the educational environment. To give you a clear picture, in this article we have curated a list of 4 disadvantages of technology in education. Check out the list below;

Technology in Education: Advantages and Disadvantages – COIPI

Technology can replace teachers in some lessons

Software programs or apps are so effective that it has the potential to replace the teachers in the classroom. For instance, ABC mouse provides instructions to the students that are as young as 3 years and hence, teachers instead of being a hands-on role, technology makes the teacher nothing more than an observer.

Technology cannot be afforded by all the families

Affordability always comes in between when deciding for technology. Whether technology is at home or in classroom, not all households can afford to purchase the computers for their student to manage their school work. And not all school districts have enough fund to sponsor student computers for each of the students.

Technology can disconnect students from the classroom

No doubt, interacting online is a complete different and an exciting experience but being behind a screen always brings in a layer which you don’t have to receive with a face-to-face conversation. Social interactions are very much essential to accurately communicate feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Technology makes cheating easier

Gone are the days when cheating was all about making cheat slips, with technology introduced in classroom students can send themselves a text with that information. However, there must be a strict rules in place about the technology during examinations and quizzes.

Presence of technology can be distracting to students

Technology has the potential to make everybody an addict be it video game or any other thing. If the educational environment makes uses of reward-based games in order to encourage the students to learn, the student will then be more concerned about what will they be receiving instead of what they are learning.

Right usage of technology can do wonders and if not used correctly, it can be reason of destruction in the educational environment. To know more, stay connected to us.

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