AI Trends in 2020


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Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence grabbed attention over the past decades and is now all set to take the world by storm with new innovations and developments. In this article, we will be discussing about the Top 6 AI Trends everyone should be watching in 2020. Check out the list below;

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AI will increasingly monitor and refine business processes

Earlier, robots in the office space primarily involved into automating manual tasks such as production lines and manufacturing lines. However, today’s software program based robots will be capable to take repetitive and necessary works that are carried out on the computers. Tasks like filling forms, generating reports and instructions will be automated by the machines that monitor on what we do and learn to do for us in a streamlined manner. This type of automation is known as Robotic Process Automation will soon free us from time consuming yet necessary tasks.

More personalization will take place in real-time

Internet giants like Amazon and Google initiated this trend. AI permits the providers of the goods/services to precisely project a 360 degree view of the customers in real-time and interact with them via mobile apps and chat bots at a faster pace.

AI to become increasingly valuable as data becomes more accurate

For businesses and organizations wanting to move towards AI, the information quality has often been the barrier. However, technology has improved in the recent past years. AI in real-time has become compelling, you can now gain accurate enough data.

More devices will run AI powered technology

The country will witness increasing number of gadgets, tools and devices. It will increase the embedded into the vehicles, appliances and workplace tools.

AI will always recognize it

Facial recognition is to intensify as we move into the next decade. Not only China, the government of the other countries will look at the ways of making facial recognition for accessing various kinds of services such as public transport and communication networks.

AI will increasing be used to create films, games and music

The influence of AI over entertainment is predicted to be increased widely. AI in creating new visual effects as well as trickery will be more common. AI in video games will create more exciting, human like opponents for players to compete against and have a great experience.

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