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Artificial intelligence platforms integrates the use of the machines to perform the tasks that are performed by the humans. It simulates the cognitive functions that the human minds have the ability to perform which involves problem solving behavior, reasoning, learning, general as well as social intelligence.

Listed below are the top 4 Artificial Intelligence platforms.

Google AI Platform

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Google AI Platform is best known for its cloud based machine learning, remarkable customer sentiment analysis as well as compelling spam detection from frauds. The platforms is equipped with numerous benefits which includes the state of the art security system, convenient price scheme and the long term use is also guaranteed. Moreover, it gives access to the cutting-edge Google AI technology such as TPUs, TFX, Tensorflow artificial intelligence tools as you continue to deploy your AI applications to the production.

Microsoft Azure

Using Microsoft Azure business users can model as per their preference with the best in class algorithms from Bing, Xbox, Python packages or by dropping in the python code. The features of Microsoft Azure includes mobile, e-commerce, LOB Applications, SAP on Azure, Digital Marketing, developments and test, monitoring, Red Hat on Azure, DevOps, Internet of Things, High Performance Computing, Backup and Archive, Cloud Migration and such more. The benefits of the platform includes mobile enabled, cloud based and also supports any operating system, language, tool and framework.


Premonitions is known for generating the world’s largest litigation Database. The system can read as well as analyse over 50000 document a second. It further helps them to ask the questions that weren’t really possible ever before. The features of Premonition include analysing the court, judge and opposing counsel by their Win Rates and the results. You can know the track record of your attorney, rank the arbitrators based up on the past decisions and their persuasiveness and the past case results apart from the bio. The benefits of Premonition are the litigate intelligently as well as known the past record.


Ayasdi is built with a vision to make it easier and simpler for the users to tap into the massive amounts of the clients, product, market-related data featured at their own disposal to uncover the previously hidden insights. The features of the platform includes regression as well as classification, topological data analytics and modelling, dimensionality reduction and clustering. The benefits of Ayasdi includes clinical variation management and anti money laundering.

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