How Is Fat Cow Compared to others?


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Since 1998, the FatCow hosting plan has provided the best on the web for our clients to help them create their individual and small business websites. Everything the customer requires to get the personal or business website up and running is included.

The Fat Cow plan includes:

  • Oodles Disk Space
  • Bandwidth Oodles
  • Easy to use site creation tools
  • Easy to install blogs and forums
  • Wizards to add open source applications

How Is Fat Cow Compared to others?

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FatCow plans offers are as simple as MiniMoo, which is a provider of a domain and email address to there customers to provide full-service plans, like the Original FatCow Plan that includes everything a customer might require to run a website, regardless of which option the customer chooses. FatCow’s prices will be on the lower end of the spectrum in comparison with other web hosting providers. FatCow is the best as it is providing world-class customer service. For customers with existing websites they are also offering free domain transfer and good domain name support. If you’re not satisfied, FatCow is offering a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Product & Services 

Web Hosting – Our strong all-in-one hosting solution covers everything you need to bring the customers business or personal website online and manage it for years to come. Uptime is one of the most important facts to consider when choosing a web host. FatCow was founded in 1998 and is an Albuquerque-based company focused on offering easy-to-use web hosting solutions to individuals, small and medium businesses looking for an affordable option.

Website Management – Website administration tools:

Service Spotlight: Website Management | Buzz Pro Studio

Making a great website is more accessible than ever! With the Website Builder, you can immediately create by simple drag and drop professional-looking mobile-friendly theme, and then just easily sell with a complete online store.

Domain Services – It is creating a unique identification on the Web with your own domain name. By registering a domain today and make your website and email memorable. This is the best website for searching domain names and customers can also register a domain of their own name, apart from this they can also have-

  • Domain privacy
  • Improve domain performance
  • Register a new domain
  • Transfer an existing domain
  • Subdomains
  • Automated domain renewals

Email Services – All FatCow email plans include the following services which makes it better than other web hosting companies, all of them are listed below:

  • Email, calendar, contacts and task management
  • Protection against spam and viruses
  • Secure access to webmail: anytime, anywhere
  • 24×7 support

E-Commerce Services – Doing business and marketing online should not be complicated it should be easy, so FatCow is offering wide range of tools that make it easy to launch your online store(E-Commerce Store).

  • Shopping cart
  • Electronic commerce(E-Commerce)
  • The customers can start selling on your website today with Ecwid’s complete and easy-to-use E-commerce solution designed for companies like their customers want.

Marketing ServicesFatCow marketing services

If you are looking for potential customers to find your business online? Let the Fatcow team of SEO(Search Engine Optimization) professionals listed you prominently on the major search engines.

  • Email marketing (Constant Contact)

Is E-mail marketing the next big thing? - The Marketeers Blog - Medium

Using this tool to create and send amazing HTML email newsletters, announcements, and promotions, create and manage permission-based email lists, and track all the results of the email campaigns.

Other Services are as follows –

  • Bing Ad credits
  • Google ads
  • ServiceCentral
  • SubmitNet and many more

What is Original FatCow Plan?

FatCow’s original plans are apparently what draws all their customers to the website initially. They are featuring a remarkably low price of just £ 3.14. But there is a warning that you can abstain if you click the big and shiny button right away. There is an introductory price that lasts only for the first month of their customer’s subscription. Then they must have the need to renew the subscription for £ 6.90 per month. It’s a huge price increase!

In Consideration of most other basic shared hosting plans that can be found for as small as £ 4 or even cheaper price, it does not sound a good market for FatCow. The plan comprises of unlimited disk space and email addresses. This plan also boasts heaps of bandwidth, which is just the way FatCow offers unlimited bandwidth for all of their customers and users. In addition, you’ll get access to a free website builder and a free domain name, including 1GH of JustCloud storage.


FatCow is a web hosting company with a good variety of plans to meet its customers need. Conclusively, the FatCow name aptly illustrates how you get squeezed for funds as a more cash-obsessed glutton. The irony is that FatCow has lots of exceptional features and a great website builder that could make them an excellent option in the budget web hosting business. If they were to drop their costs and come up with more flexible options (like making some of their safety and security features of good standard), they would plausibly get a much more important mark from us. However, we can recommend them to anyone who is looking for a web hosting.


For retail sites, FatCow has a lot of features Takes long time to get through the live chat
One can have oodles,sub-domains, bandwidth, and storage. Its pricing is cheap for that you will lose out in speed and performance.
Easy to use for the beginners Window’s hosting is not supported
You can have customized email addresses

After initial hosting year there is a huge increase in the prices for hosting.

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